Novato Shopping

Shopping is a large chunk of Novato’s culture. The town is truly a place¬†where you can check everything off your list. Novato offers both large retail shopping experiences, local boutique shopping, and everything in between. Grab your wallet, a comfortable pair of shoes, and a few hours of your day and head to the shops!

The Vintage Oaks is a mall in town that offers a great, whole shopping experience for families or individuals. The mall has over 50 stores and restaurants to satisfy your shopping needs. The mall houses huge retail stores like Target, Sephora, and DSW, as well as service shops like nail salons, massage parlors, and hair salons. Vintage Oaks also has events and promotions throughout the year, truly solidifying its place as the most exciting shopping experience in town.

The Pacheco Plaza offers a similar shopping experience, with a bit of a more personal touch. The plaza is a center that combines retail stores and various services to benefit the community. The center has stores like Paradise Foods, a full-service local market, as well as other local businesses like Marin Coffee Roasters, Boca Pizzeria & Wine Bar, and the Carolina Boutique. The center is also home to The Space Museum, where kids can hang out and learn about the world above us as their parents shop around the center.

There are plenty of other stand-alone businesses, boutiques, and shopping experiences in town, as well. Explore the options and find what area of town suits your shopping needs best.