Your Guide to Creating a Haunted House in Novato

October 27, 2016

One of the best (or worst) parts of this time of the year is all the opportunities to be scared. There’s horror movies in every theater, creepy costumes on the streets, and, best of all, haunted houses to explore! Putting together your own haunted house can be an exciting experience, and it opens up a lot of chances to meet others living in your neighborhood. Below, we’ll talk about the steps you can take to set one up for yourself and others to ‘enjoy.’

Location, Location, Location

Oftentimes a haunted garage is more practical to make than a whole haunted house, but don’t let that stop you from thinking big! If you live in the county, a haunted barn would be an ambitious, memorable project. Whatever venue you choose, make sure to draw a floorplan out for how you’d like it to look. Once you have your blueprint completed, grab some plywood to use as walls to direct your ‘guests’ through the experience.


Decoration, Decoration, Decoration

This is where you really get to make the haunted house your own! Cobwebs are a must. Along with strobe lights and a fog machine to create the atmosphere. But beyond the necessities, think outside the box to scare your visitors—you want to leave the neighborhood talking! Enlist friends to stand around like statues who grab unwitting explorers. Play eerie music over hidden speakers. Or have one last big scare waiting for the ‘survivors’ once they’re outside the house and think they’re safe.



Of course, anyone who makes it through your haunted house is expecting a sugary treat at the end, but there’s other creative ways to incorporate food. Peeled grapes in a bowl make for convincing eyeballs when handled in the dark. Or use a brain-shaped jello mold and leave the result sitting in a jar on the table. And if you think the survivors deserve more ‘trick’ than ‘treat,’ you can always serve them a bag of foul flavored jelly beans.


Post Flyers Around Novato

Create excitement about your haunted house by creating eye-catching flyers then handing them out around the neighborhood. Include information like the date/time it’s happening, your address, the price of admissions (if there is one) and a suggested age range for any young participants.