Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Novato Home

February 9, 2018

Love is in the air and what a better time than the month of February to decorate your Novato home to showcase all the love there is to give. We love love, but Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those madly in love, it’s for everyone who loves and adores their family and friends too. We love decorating our Novato home every holiday, but this one especially, check out some of our favorite easy to do crafts to decorate your home with.

Valentine Banner

Banners can be made for any special holiday, we love making them from scratch. They’re simple and quick to make, all you need do is cut out a variety of colored hearts from construction paper and write some cute adorable sayings on each heart. For example, “hug me,” “be mine,” “too cute,” and “kiss me” and top it all off by tying the hearts together with some ribbon.

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Pine Cone Heart Wreath

Pine cones seem to always be in season, either pick some up from right outside your front yard or pick up a bag at your local crafts store. A styrofoam heart will help create and secure the wreaths shape. After painting the pine cones a variety of shades of pink and red, glue them onto the styrofoam using a hot glue gun and voila, you’re done!

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Valentine’s Day Christmas Tree

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We have to admit we miss Christmas, so if you’re anything like us and miss having a Christmas tree around then this version of a Valentine’s tree will be just the perfect thing to hold you over until December comes back around.


Decorative Pillows

Every room in our home always has a number of decorative pillows for each holiday, but don’t get us wrong buying new pillows every month can get expensive. Which is why making and decorating your own pillows for Valentine’s day is a great alternative to those pricey holiday pillows.

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Paper Heart Chandelier

We love making these simple paper chandeliers and placing them in the heart of our home like the kitchen for example. They also make a great addition in the kid’s rooms, go crazy and add one to every room.

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