Preparing Your Yard for Spring in Novato

March 14, 2017
Preparing your yard for spring

We’re halfway through March, which means colorful Spring is just around the corner! We love the time of year when the sun starts to shine, flowers begin to bloom and green grass grows. To give your Novato yard the best chance to shine, here are some steps you can take now to begin preparing your yard for Spring:

Prune Away Dead Branches

Preparing your yard for spring

Colder temperatures take their toll on our plants. Go through your garden and trim away obviously dead and damaged branches. Cutting these back to the live stems allows the plant to grow more aggressively come Spring.

Clean Up Around Plants

While you’re caring for your plants, give them some breathing room by raking up the gunk that’s accumulated around them since Fall. Dead leaves that aren’t decomposing can choke out your flowers and spread disease. Use this time to also pull up the dead annuals from last year and prepare to plant news ones.

Prepare for Spring Seeding

From family football games to backyard barbecues, we put our lawns through a lot in Novato. It’s no wonder then they need touching up from time-to-time. Prepare your lawn for Spring seeding by first raking up the bad patches in the yard. Then lay down some fresh compost to give your grass the nutrients it will need to sprout quick.

Clean Up Your Patio

Preparing your yard for spring

Now that there’s not leaves or snow falling from the sky, sweep all the rocks, dust and twigs off your patio. If you really want your porch to shine, pressure wash it to remove any stubborn stains.

Touch Up Your Paint

Finally, take a trip around your house and make note of any spots that could use a splash of fresh paint. You want your house looking as fresh as the flowers that are about to pop up!
We hope you have fun preparing your yard for Spring! Novato looks so amazing because of your hard work.