How to be a Good Neighbor in Novato

January 18, 2017

Novato neighbors

Most people who live in Novato want to make their community a better place. The good thing is, it’s easy to do! We’ve made a short list of simple things you can do personally to become a better neighbor and, in the process, build a stronger neighborhood.


Introduce Yourself

First things first, say hello to your neighbors. It’s pretty hard to be a part of the Novato community if you don’t know anyone in it. If you’re not good at cold openings, think of a question to ask them next time you see them. Asking how they got their garden to look so good, or when they first started riding their motorcycle, is a great way to show interest in them and their hobbies.


If you have a short memory, keep a list of names and interests. People feel special when you remember details about them.


Maintain Your Yard

Novato yardwork

Curb appeal is important in neighborhoods. Everyone wants to feel good about where they live. That means, clean your yard. Pick up any stray trash that blows in. Mow your lawn before it becomes unruly. Try your hand at getting a green thumb and plant some flowers. Your neighbors will appreciate the hard work you put in.


Offer To Help

Now that you’ve tidied up your place, ask if there’s anything you can do to help them with theirs! A helping hand is always welcome, and your good deed now will build up good grace for the future.


Surprise Them

Even better than a helping hand, is one holding freshly baked cookies. Everyone loves to receive unexpected gifts. Baked goods, a bottle of wine, or flowers will all make your neighbor feel appreciated (and open the door for reciprocation).


If you notice someone who just moved to Novato, bring them a housewarming gift and offer to show them around the city!


Get the Community Involved

Novato barbecue

Not everyone loves being social, but for those that do, block parties, barbecues and yard sales are excellent ways to build community camaraderie. If you feel proactive, begin to plan one of these and invite your neighbors to it as a way for everyone to meet.


Be Aware of Your Noise

Be considerate of how much noise is coming from your place. In small neighborhoods, your music and party guests’ conversation can travel far and loud. And while your barking dog may be adorable to you, your neighbors are probably less amused.


All this goes doubly so if you’re living in a condo with shared walls!


Do these things and you’re sure to be a welcome sight around Novato!