6 Steps to Winterize Your House

November 8, 2016

Brace yourself—winter is almost upon Novato.

Or don’t.

This season is usually pretty mild for us, but just in case we get some freak weather this year, we’ve prepared a list of steps you can take to winterize your house.

Insulate the Pipes


You’re probably already aware of this essential winterizing technique, but it bears repeating unless you want some major unplanned renovations.

When the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below, your house’s unprotected pipes become susceptible to freezing..and bursting! In the unlikely event Novato experiences these temperatures, take the time to run down to our local hardware store and grab polyethylene or fiberglass insulation tubes to surround the vulnerable pipes with. Before you leave home, make sure to measure the diameter of the pipes so you grab the correct size of insulation.

Keep Faucets Dripping

Pipes burst when a build-up of ice blocks off the water from getting to its destination. After enough pressure has built up, the water has nothing to do but explode out the side of your pipe.

To help ease some of that pressure, leave your sinks dripping a little through the night. Even if your pipes freeze then, they may not burst.

Seal Windows


Windows are a major source of heat loss in your house. While they may be pleasant for looking out at the Novato scenery, they’re also the reason you’re wearing five layers of clothing.

There’s a couple ways to alleviate the problem. The cheapest route is to stick bubble wrap to your windows with double-sided tape. This creates a cushion of air bubbles that cold air must get through before it enters your house.

The more conventional path is to purchase foam insulation or weather-sealing tape from your local hardware store and apply it around the trim.

Clean Gutters

The beautiful Fall leaves have become a nuisance, and it’s time to deal with them.

A buildup of gunk in your gutter means any sleet or snow your area gets won’t drain properly. After time, this poor drainage can lead to problems like a leaking ceiling! Better to take care of it now than then.

Trim Branches


This won’t necessarily keep you warmer, but it will prevent an ice-heavy branch from breaking through your roof and really making you cold.

Go outside and make note of any branches that are hanging precariously above your house, your car or anything else you value. Then call in the experts to help you remove them safely before the storms roll in.

Wear a Sweater

If you’ve done all the above and you’re still cold, there’s always the most affordable option of all—wearing a sweater! A sweater can warm up your body by 4 degrees, which may be just enough to put you in the comfy zone.