4 Things to Do Before Moving to Novato

December 9, 2016

Moving to a new city is as exciting as it is stressful! If you’re considering moving to Novato, here are some steps you can take to make the transition more smooth.

Research Cost of Living


While a $40,000 a year salary may get you a comfortable life in your home town, it’d leave you with a cardboard box in New York City. Before you move, compare the cost of living where you’re at now with the cost of living in your new location. If the cost is substantially higher, make sure your income will rise to match the new benchmark. Bankrate.com offers a useful tool for figuring out just how different the cost of living is between cities.

Discover Your Job Opportunities

Before you move, research the city’s major industries and find out the type of jobs that exist there. Is there anything in your relevant field? If so, check the company’s job openings and reach out to any connections you may have that could help you out.

Make sure to also find out where the businesses are located. You may want to base your housing purchase off its proximity to your job!

You can visit our employment page to discover the variety of jobs available in Novato.

Explore the City


The internet has made it much easier to learn all about the city you’re moving to without ever actually setting foot on its pavement. Navigating around LiveNovato can provide you with valuable information on the city’s neighborhoods, demographics, and activities.

If you have any unanswered questions, Novato’s featured realtor Eileen Morelli would be happy to take your call and provide you with the answers.

Throw Out or Donate Unnecessary Items

Moving is a huge ordeal, but one thing you can do to relieve some of the stress is to use this as a time to get rid of all those unused items in your house. As you pack, set aside things you no longer need anymore and take them to a local charity that could use them.

Or to the dump if they’re of no use to anybody anymore.

Once your house is more sorted, you’ll feel relieved by the lack of junk! And it also means less heavy boxes you’ll be hauling with you to the new place.