Novato Music

Novato has a rich background in music. The city offers musical events, live music nights, and musical lessons for those interested in participating with their own talent. Here are some of the best musical events and locations in town.


The Novato Festival of Art, Wine, and Music takes place in town each June. The festival has been a town tradition for the past 30 years and it is no wonder why. Over the two day course of the festival, the city blends art, local wines, and beautiful music, encouraging community members in and outside of town to come together and celebrate the beautiful area. The musical portion of the festival is the most exciting, especially since the line-up of musicians typically features well-known names and a variety of music. The festival is historic, culturally diverse, and so much fun.


The Marin Music Center is a family owned music store in Novato that offers the community a wonderful taste of the art of music. The store offers instrument rentals, sales, and repairs as well as musical lessons in a variety of instruments. If you have ever been interested in playing guitar, piano, violin, or drums, the Marin Music Center has everything you need to begin your musical journey. The center even offers vocal lessons for those interested in singing as a profession or serious hobby. The Marin Music Center is a huge piece of Novato’s musical culture.


Many restaurants in town also offer live musical nights, so be sure to check your favorite locations for various events throughout the week.