Novato Neighborhoods

The city of Novato covers 28 square miles and contains more than 57,000 residents. The city’s neighborhoods are built mainly of three-bedroom homes, solidifying Novato’s status as a suburban town. There are areas of the town, however, that have more of a rural feel, particularly in Indian Valley, Atherton Avenue, and Greenpoint. The neighborhoods of Novato offer lots of recreational activities for people of all ages. The housing prices in Novato are some of the least expensive in Marin county, though there is still a large range of pricing. There are seven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools in the town. The town is divided into 11 large neighborhoods. They are as follows:


Atherton Corridor
The Atherton Corridor is best known for its country feel, complete with horse properties, large estates, and vast open spaces.


Bel Marin Keys
The Bel Marin Keys has playgrounds, parks, boats, water, tennis courts, and is likely the most tourist-attraction town.


Country Club
The Country Club neighborhood is the closest neighborhood to San Francisco (“The City”), and is also known for its proximity to nature. There are lots of trails and beautiful landscape in the area.


Hamilton Field
Hamilton Field is best known as the former military base for the United States Army and Air Force. Because of this, the city is very historic and diverse.


Indian Valley
Indian Valley has an abundance of horse properties, trees, open space, and luxury homes.


Loma Verde
Loma Verde is located close to shopping, schools, and the highway, making Loma Verde an affordable and popular place for families to reside.


Pointe Marin
Pointe Marin is a housing development neighborhood in town, making it a favorable place for families and retirees. The neighborhood has multiple parks and is in close proximity to shopping, the highway, sports arenas, and schools.


The Presidents neighborhood is located close to all of the key features in the city, though it is surrounded by cul-de-sacs, keeping it quiet and peaceful as well as convenient.


Rush Creek
Rush Creek is a quite, affordable neighborhood for both families and individuals to reside within. The neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful landscape and is close to the main part of town.


San Marin
The San Marin neighborhood was once known as a commuter area in the early 1960s and 1970s, and is now known for its vibrant community and eclectic people.


Stonetree is a neighborhood full of beautiful, newer, luxury homes. Most homes overlook the Stonetree Golf Course, and there is also a community pool, hiking, and biking trails.