Welcome to Novato

Novato is a city located in the north of the Bay Area in the state of California. The city is about 30 miles north of San Francisco and is known for its gorgeous geographical features. The city is home to Mount Burdell and its Open Space Preserve, as well as the Big Rock Ridge. Novato's secondary water supply comes from the beautiful Stafford Lake; its primary water source is the famous Russian River, located just north of the town in Sonoma County. The city has warm, beautiful summers and cool, wet winters. Novato is highly politically active, boasting the most registered voters in the county. Novato is well-known for its technological and biotech companies, largely contributing to its healthy economic growth and development. The city has several corporate headquarters or chain locations, as well as a school district that offers plenty of jobs for the residents of the town. Novato is beautiful, culturally diverse, and has a healthy environment. This city is a great place to live.

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